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Our producers Almeida e Filhos, Lda. is a family business with a long experience in the manufacture of traditional ham and sausage. Nowadays it counts with the third generation at the head of the company that started its activity in 1975. Located in Proença-a-Nova, Almeida e Filhos, Lda. maintains its original characteristics and ancestral know-how in large facilities and modern equipment , adapted to the ever more demanding quality standards of the present time. - Almeida & Filhos, Lda. -
Our producers For more than 30 years, the Verganista family with the knowledge of the people of Sobreira Formosa keeps alive one of the greatest traditions of Beira Baixa - the traditional sausages. Located in Sobreira Formosa, this company maintains the traditions and knowledges passed down from generation to generation, allied to the current modern manufacturing processes, adapted to the ever more demanding quality standards. - José Verganista Martins, Lda. -
Our producers Through the company Maria Soledad Boo Suarez, created in 2007, the family Gonçalves, owner of the brand Alvelus, has been assert itself in the market. With 18 hectares of vineyard and an annual production of 60 thousand liters, this producer has transformed into an added value the own climate and the shady grounds in which it is implanted. Equipped with the most modern equipment and techniques of vinification, the brand Alvelus considers that quality will always be a fundamental factor and that is rooted in the culture of this company. - Alvelus -
Our producers It was born in the 70's by the unbreakable power of José Rodrigues, better known by Ti Zé, who, full of faith in the land, gave Monte Barbo strength in every vine he planted, tended and saw grow. 40 years, many liters and many hectares later, production has increased, like the need to professionalize it, while remaining small and selected. The intuition of Ti Zé has crossed generations and its dedication extended to the family, who today, with pride, sees its wine gain ground, strength and several prizes. - Monte Barbo -
Our producers The Queijaria Casa do Morgado shop has existed in the Fernandes family since the 1980s. Nazaré Fernandes, the matriarch, learned from her grandmother the art of making cheese and perfecting her knowledge over the years. Today, this family company maintains the traditional methods of making cheese, combined to the new technologies, with raw goat and sheep milk, exclusively from the farm itself, prepared daily after each milking. The approximately 250 head of cattle graze freely in the green pastures that surround the village. - Queijaria Casa do Morgado -
Our producers Located in the Pinhal Interior Sul, the forest ir the theme of Centro Ciência Viva da Floresta (Science Musseum of the Forest). The products presented here come from the use of the resources it gives us and that the Center transforms into pieces that are sure to add a special touch to your home. - Centro Ciência Viva da Floresta -
Our producers Caseirão's artisanal products take advantage of the best that nature has to offer it. Founded in 2006, in the village of Maljoga, in the municipality of Proença-a-Nova, this family business started out as a hobbie, producing small quantities for distribution among friends and family. - Caseirão -
Our producers The Loja Pucariças derives from the name Pucariço, village of the matriarch of the family, owner of the art of making cheese, revealed in the skill of the hands that give it shape, preserving the handmade methods transmitted throughout generations. The Loja Pucariças takes you to one of Beira Baixa's delicacies, goat's or sheep's cheeses. Accompanied by a beautiful red wine, they constitute a magnificent business card of regional gastronomy. - Loja Pucariças -
Our producers Montes Physalis, by Nuno Fernandes and Alexandra Delgado, began its activity in 2016. With its own production in Montes da Senhora, in the municipality of Proença-a-Nova, they guarantee the quality of the fruit physalis from its origin to production, fundamental for success of the final product. This jam warm the soul and represent a declaration of love. - Montes Physalis -
Our producers Based in Proença-a-Nova since 1967, the Panificadora Bernardo is specialized to the bakery and pastry areas (dry biscuits only). This family business with 10 employees maintains the traditional process of confection, taking to itself the genuine flavors of the region. - Panificadora Bernardo -
Our producers A teacher in têxtil arts, with students from 13 to 85 years, Fátima Catarino is proof that the interest for têxtil arts is not out of fashion. The artisan is also one of the embroiderers certified in Bordado de Castelo Branco. Their works preserve traditional patterns and colors, with the personal touch that gives each piece as unique. - Fátima Catarino -
Our producers ERIKAE is a brand that gives you the best that plants and fruits have, like Blueberry and Medronho, which stand out from the more than 3000 species of the Ericaceae botanical family for their edible fruits and natural properties. In addition to these fruits, ERIKAE always seeks to value fruits which, because of their high natural interest, can provide excellent products. - ERIKAE -
Our producers The olive oil from the Lagares da Catraia is obtained from the whole olives, healthy and mature, exclusively by mechanical and physical processes in conditions, essentially thermal, that do not produce their alteration, resulting in an oil of unequaled quality. The aroma and flavor characteristics of this extraordinary sensorial quality olive oil, smooth on the palate and harmonious in its fullness, make it an exception ingredient to enrich the whole genre of gastronomy and cuisine. - Lagares da Catraia -
Our producers António Cardoso, native of the village of Oliveiras, preserves the knowledge of generations in the handmade production of baskets from willow strips cut and treated by traditional methods. Find the measure and format adjusted to your taste in the list of products of this artisan or visit him to work live in Aldeia das Oliveiras - António Cardoso -
Our producers Da Margarida - cuisine of the senses with music and flavor - emerged at the end of the year 2017, with the aim of bringing people a new way of tasting traditional flavors, with influences from other places where each cake is a work of art, with a minimalist decoration inspired by natural elements. Da Margarida is a cuisine of the senses, where the flavor reaches the heart, transporting us to nostalgic and delicious moments. - Da Margarida -
Our producers PROENTIA - Essential Oils is a bio-company located in the Pinhal Interior area that produces 100% pure essential oils, obtained by steam distillation of native aromatic plants such as Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), Pinus (Pinus pinaster) , Esteva (Cistus ladanifer), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and Rosemary (Lavandula pedunculata), taking advantage of the vegetal raw material that the region offers, allowing the immediate obtaining of essential oils and their hydrolates. - Proentia, Lda -
Our producers Through the hills and valleys of Sobreira Formosa and fruit of the passion for beekeeping and nature of two young people is born Bee Beira Baixa honey. In the words of the producers, in each bottle, there is a harmonious and sweet multifloral experience ... as you wish! - -
Our producers Extraído por centrifugação, o mel do Miguel apresenta uma consistência macia e uma cor castanha alaranjada, preservando em cada frasco todos os benefícios para a sua saúde. Além de ser utilizado como adoçante natural, o mel trata gripes e constipações, alivia problemas digestivos e dá energia. Por isso, já sabe: “se procura um bom mel, não há melhor do que o do Miguel”! - Mel do Miguel -
Our producers São várias as propostas disponíveis para quem quer conhecer um pouco mais sobre o concelho de Proença-a-Nova, olhando para a sua história. A visão do Município é consolidar a vocação turística do concelho, atraindo turistas e criando novos postos de trabalho ligadas ao turismo, assegurando também a manutenção e perpetuação da história do povo. Proença-a-Nova é um dos 11 concelhos do distrito de Castelo Branco, Beira Baixa, território que faz fronteira com Espanha. - Município de Proença-a-Nova -
Our producers O Refúgio do Raposo é uma aliança e uma homenagem. A aliança entre o Céu e a Terra, o Cosmos e o Homem. Situado na aldeia de Casalinho da Ribeira, concelho de Proença-a-Nova, trata-se de uma forma de libertação em jeito de 4 casas de xisto, sendo que 3 localizam-se na própria aldeia (T1, T2 e T3 – todas com sofá cama) e uma outra a cerca de 1 quilómetro de aldeia, rodeada por 400 oliveiras e junto à Ribeira do Alvito. - Refúgio do Raposo -
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