The Brand

Seeing this brand, Proença-a-Nova Origin, get ready for a journey through the senses. The smell of freshly baked bread from the oven, the smokestack and the olive grinding in the wine press. The tastes preserved through generations. The genuine colors and characteristics of handmade products, using raw materials or local confectionery. Activities and leisure services that ensure unique moments. Proença-a-Nova Origin is a seal of quality that recognizes all this: quality products and services that combine the best of tradition with what the new times are bringing of innovator.

How does the assignment of this seal work? All the necessary requirements, product by product, in addition to the norms imposed by the national and European legislation are available in the manual available here. In the case of food products, the main requirement concerns the use of raw materials of local origin, while in the other products values ​​like traditional methods of manufacture are valued. Also in the services, the value of details that make the difference is recognized, such as the use of local products in the meals, accommodation spaces, or the integration of typical dishes in the menus.

At any time a producer may apply for the single mark, filling in the form for this purpose, in the same way that any failures may justify its withdrawal. The municipal services ensure the follow-up of products, always having in the first line a concern: quality.

From the perspective of the consumer, the brand Proença-a-Nova Origin is a guarantee that it is facing a product or service that respects the raw materials and methods of production of this county. Genuinely ours. Go through our shopping lists and even if you're far away, Proença-a-Nova goes to meet you.