Olive Oil

The aroma and flavor characteristics of this extraordinary sensorial quality olive oil, smooth on the palate and harmonious in its fullness, make it an exceptio..


From the time the olive enters the mill to the production of the golden green thread, there is a hustle and bustle of hard work and a few stories well lived to ..


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Biscoitos de Gengibre (CD) Biscoitos de Gengibre (CD)

Gingerbread cookies Da Margarida are a real temptation with a crunchy texture and a slightly dark tone, resulting from the mixture of spices, they are perfect f..

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Biscuits - Panificadora Bernardo (CD) Biscuits - Panificadora Bernardo (CD)

Remember the smell of homemade cakes and cookies made by your grandmother? And more than the smell, the taste? Made from traditional recipes, these biscuits fro..

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Cooked Maranho (CD)

it was served only in festive ocasions, as in the marriages and the celebrations of each town. In the traditional menu, maranho enriched the Cozido À Portuges..


Finto Cake - Zélia da Cruz (CD) Finto Cake - Zélia da Cruz (CD)

Formerly, marriages were done at home. Each guest offered a basket of ingredients to help with the wedding ceremony. Made from flour, eggs and sugar, the finely..

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Plangaio (CD) Plangaio (CD)

It is a stuffed almost exclusively from the parishes of Montes da Senhora and Sobreira Formosa, which is based on farinheira, to which are added the bones of th..

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Toasted Almonds (CD)

Produced by Caseirão, roasted almonds with a crunchy texture are an ideal appetizer for sweet treats! Ingredients: Almonds and sugarConfection: Prepare th..

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