The sweet is made with long traditions, preserving the flavors of the past, recreated and adapted to the current requirements of quality requirements. There is ..


Apple jam with Almond

Caseirão's almond apple jam is a divine and sweet bitter, genuine fruit mixture. No dyes or preservatives. Ingredients: Apple, sugar and almondStorage Conditio..


Blackberry jam

The delicate texture, sweet aroma and subtly acidic touch of Caseirão's blackberry jam make this sweet an excellent choice for topping in desserts, ice cream or..


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Fig jam

Caseirão's fig jam are handmade, with no dyes or preservatives. Do not just sweep it into bread or toast, use it as a salad dressing or topping for desserts. I..

Jam and Honey Pack

Caseirão product set consisting of 1 jar of honey and 3 of jam. Combinations with repetition of products are allowed, for this it is sufficient to specify in th..


Jam Pack

Caseirão product set consisting of four jams to choose from. Please indicate your preferences in the comments...


Liquor and Jam Pack

Caseirão product set consisting of 1 liqueur (200 ml) and 2 jams (160 gr / each)...


Liquor, Jam and Honey Pack

Caseirão product set consisting of 1 liqueur and 1 bottle of honey and 1 of jam...


Plum jam

Caseirão's plum jam is a special blend that combines the true taste of the fruit and juicy with a sweet and seductive aroma. Can you resist a slice of fresh bre..


Pumpkin Jam

Caseirão's pumpkin jam has no dyes or preservatives, keeping the original pumpkin flavor with a touch of spice. An excellent accompaniment with fresh cheese or ..


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Biscoitos de Gengibre (CD) Biscoitos de Gengibre (CD)

Gingerbread cookies Da Margarida are a real temptation with a crunchy texture and a slightly dark tone, resulting from the mixture of spices, they are perfect f..

3.00€ 6.00€

Finto Cake - Zélia da Cruz (CD) Finto Cake - Zélia da Cruz (CD)

Formerly, marriages were done at home. Each guest offered a basket of ingredients to help with the wedding ceremony. Made from flour, eggs and sugar, the finely..

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Plangaio (CD) Plangaio (CD)

It is a stuffed almost exclusively from the parishes of Montes da Senhora and Sobreira Formosa, which is based on farinheira, to which are added the bones of th..

2.13€ 4.25€

Toasted Almonds (CD)

Produced by Caseirão, roasted almonds with a crunchy texture are an ideal appetizer for sweet treats! Ingredients: Almonds and sugarConfection: Prepare th..

1.45€ 2.90€