Toasted Almonds

Produced by Caseirão, roasted almonds with a crunchy texture are an ideal appetizer for sweet treats! Ingredients: Almonds and sugarConfection: Prepare th..


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Blackberry Liqueur Blackberry Liqueur

Caseirão's blackberry liqueur is produced from carefully selected wild berries. This liqueur has a fruity aroma and a sweet taste. Suggestion: pure or just wit..

Caseirão's cherry liqueur is an excellent way to take advantage of this delicious, fleshy red fruit so we can enjoy it all year round. Suggestion: pure or just..


With a delicious and unique coffee flavor, this liquor produced by Caseirão results from the maceration of specially selected coffee beans, which give it a uniq..


Caseirão's honey liqueur is made from this natural food, resulting in a sweet drink. Suggestion: should be consumed at a maximum temperature of 10 degrees, to ..


Liqueur Pack

Set of two Caseirão liqueurs. Combinations with repetition of products are allowed, indicating their choice in the observations...


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Medronho Liqueur - Caseirão Medronho Liqueur - Caseirão

Caseirão's medronho liqueur is produced from the fruits of the arbutus trees that are born in the highest areas of the county. Of a reddish color, this liqueur ..

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Pennyroyal Liqueur - Caseirão Pennyroyal Liqueur - Caseirão

Caseirão's pennyroyal liqueur is produced from this aromatic plant harvested along the rivers or streams of the municipality of Proença-a-Nova. This liqueur has..

Caseirão's tangerine liqueur is produced from the tangerines produced in the region. With a strong but at the same time mild flavor, this liqueur is very suitab..


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