Mel Doce Paixão

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Roasted Peanuts with Honey Roasted Peanuts with Honey

Honey-roasted peanuts from Mel Doce Paixão are an excellent choice for those who love a sweet tooth at any time. Ingredients: Peanuts, honey and sugar Validit..

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Pollen - Mel Doce Paixão Pollen - Mel Doce Paixão

Bee pollen is known because of its high nutrient content, rich in antioxidants, which help to fortify the body. This superfood also promotes strength and endura..

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Toasted Cashews with Honey

Produced by Mel Doce Paixão, the roasted cashews with honey are the perfect treat to taste anywhere. Ingredients: Cajus, honey and sugar Validity: 6 mont..

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Honey Mel Doce Paixão - Heather

The heather honey of Mel Doce Paixão has a dark reddish color and an intense flavor with a thick and thick consistency, characteristic of the predominance of th..

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Honey Mel Doce Paixão - Multiflora

Mel Doce Paixão multiflora honey has an amber / dark brown color and a distinctive aroma. Bees produce honey from rosemary, heather, eucalyptus, arbutus, orange..

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Honey Mel Doce Paixão - Rosemary

Honey Rosemary from Mel Doce Paixão is characterized by its golden color and soft taste. The bees are attracted by the rosemary that blooms around the hives.Val..

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