Zélia da Cruz

The honey buns, besides being made in festive periods, were traditional of the Day of Saints. Now you can taste them anytime and anywhere. They are an excellent..


Filhós are part of the traditional fritters of the holiday season of the county of Proença-a-Nova and you can now savor throughout the year. Ingredients: Flour..


Remember the smell of homemade cakes and cookies made by your grandmother? And more than the smell, the taste? Made from traditional recipes, these biscuits are..


Quality and tradition are the two secret ingredients that define Zélia's wheat bread baked in a wood-fired oven. Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, fresh yeast a..


Tradition is still what it was. In the town of Proença-a-Nova, and in some villages of the county, on November 1, the children walk from door to door, chanting ..


Formerly, marriages were done at home. Each guest offered a basket of ingredients to help with the wedding ceremony. Made from flour, eggs and sugar, the finely..


Tigelada from Proença-a-Nova

Initially made only on holidays, weddings or other major festivities, the ingredients used were simple: eggs, goat milk and honey - products that many people pr..


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