Lavandula Pedunculata Essential Oil

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  • Lavandula pedunculata - 10 gr

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Product obtained by steam distillation of lavandula pedunculata from native species. 100% pure. No additives.

The rosemary, abundant in our fields in the spring, is considered a potent natural antioxidant. It has toning and energetic properties and is beneficial for hair growth, as it fortifies the hairy body. It is also recommended for treatments of greasy hair and seborrheic dandruff.

Suggested use: in burners and diffusers of essential oils (put a few drops of this oil in a little water); in vacuum cleaners with water tank (use a few drops in the water of your vacuum cleaner); in massage oil (add 1% oil to an oily base).

Precautions: Do not use directly on skin; do not exceed recommended dosages; before use on the skin, do a sensitivity test in a small area; this information is given for informational purposes and can not in any way constitute medical information. Use for therapeutic purposes should be done under medical supervision.

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