Broas dos Santos

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Tradition is still what it was. In the town of Proença-a-Nova, and in some villages of the county, on November 1, the children walk from door to door, chanting "Cookies, cookies, in praise of the Santinhos" and in return receive treats. In other times, they received the bread of the saints, specially made to offer the children on this day, which Zélia da Cruz still keeps the recipe. With an intense flavor of spices, liquor and nuts, the saints' broa comes to remind the children of adults and sweeten the mouths of the little ones.

Ingredients: Flour, potatoes, eggs, sugar, honey, spices, nuts and liqueurs. Contains GLUTEN and EGGS.

Confection: 20 minutes at 220ºC in a wood oven

Validity: 1 month

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