Cistus Essential Oil

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  • Cistus ladanifer - 10 gr

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Product obtained by distillation with steam cistus from native species. 100% pure. No additives.

Known as tissue regenerator, astringent, the essential oil of esteva is very powerful in fighting the signs of age. The spring that adorns our fields in the spring has a very characteristic odor and its oil is used in the perfumery to fix other aromas. In aromatherapy it is even recommended to regulate the body's natural defenses.

Suggested use: in burners and diffusers of essential oils (put a few drops of this oil in a little water); in vacuum cleaners with water tank (use a few drops in the water of your vacuum cleaner); in massage oil (add 1% oil to an oily base).

Precautions: Do not use directly on skin; do not exceed recommended dosages; before use on the skin, do a sensitivity test in a small area; this information is given for informational purposes and can not in any way constitute medical information. Use for therapeutic purposes should be done under medical supervision.

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