Casa do Fundo dos Palheiros - Sobrainhos dos Gaios

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Is in the heart of the village of Sobrainhos dos Gaios that we find the Casa do Fundo dos Palheiros’ guesthouse. Fully equipped and with a capacity for 5 people, this rustic house is ideal for those who are looking for rest, enjoying  the singing of the birds, the direct contact with nature and outdoor activities. The village is located near to the bathing areas of Alvito da Beira, Cerejeira and the river beach of Fróia.  

The house has: 2 double bedrooms, 1 single bedroom, 2 bathrooms, television, kitchen, living room and 2 terraces.

Price per night from 65€ 

Guesthouse contact: philomene.rodrigues@orange.fr | 932652149

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