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From the time the olive enters the mill to the production of the golden green thread, there is a hustle and bustle of hard work and a few stories well lived to remember later. The longing for the taste of toasted bread with the new olive oil or grilled cod with freshly ground olive oil is far from being missed.

The olive oil from the Lagares da Catraia is obtained from the whole olives, healthy and mature, exclusively by mechanical and physical processes in conditions, essentially thermal, that do not produce their alteration, resulting in an oil of unequaled quality.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Validity: 18 months after packaging

Extraction method: Continuous system by centrifugation with temperatures not exceeding 28ºC.

Nutritional declaration / 100g: Energy: 3545KJ / 864Kcal - Lipids: 99.95g, of which Saturated Fatty Acids: 14.41g - Carbohydrates: 0.50g, of which Sugars: 0.25g - Fiber: 0.10g - Proteins: 0.50g - Salt : 0.01g

Contains Vitamin K, E and natural antioxidants

Conditioning and Conservation: Store in a cool dry place away from light and heat. The creation of feet and turbidity are natural phenomena in olive oil

Test results

Color: yellow-green or light yellow to green

Flavor: Sui generis to the fruit, sweet or slightly bitter

Aroma: fruity, characteristic

Variety: Galician

Acidity: ≤0.8

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